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I have dabbled in computers since back in the days of Tandy's colour computer and have been fascinated with code structure and the mystical things that can be done with it.
I say dabbled as back then there were not any jobs available, especially for a high school drop out. So I did have to turn most of my attention to the more important things in life, like survival.
I did maintain an interest and continued to teach myself more of the deeper workings of computers than most.

When the systems got more sophisticated I delved into graphics and eventually got a job in research and development doing 3D modeling.
During this time I managed to talk my wife into learning some graphics programs and Zuk Design was born.
The question arose about whether she would be able to do web design and I said "why not". Thus is was my next venture to learn the aspects of coding in order to bring her designs to life and thus the Codecrusher was born.

Although I am fully competent with graphics programs and generally have a deeper understanding of them than many trained designers, I have very little imagination for creation. This leads me to stick with what I am good at, linear thinking and understanding how things work.

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